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Why Be A Herbivore?


It's Greener.

It is better for the environment if humans eat a herbivorous diet.

Firstly, producing foods from plant rather than animals uses much less of precious resources such as land, water and energy. Huge amounts of these resources are used to produce the food for animals that are later eaten. If these resources were instead used to produce plant foods, far more food could be produced. Also large amounts of energy and water are used in the "processing", transporting, refrigerating etc of meat and other animal products.

Secondly, farming of animals pollutes and degrades the environment, in ways ranging from erosion of land and contamination of waterways to methane gas production. The latter is a major contributor to global climate change.


It's Kinder.

Like us, animals feel pain and other feelings and value their lives and freedom.

All animals, whether farmed or caught in the wild, fear death and have an innate desire to stay alive. No matter how "humanely" animals destined for food are treated, they suffer a terrifying slaughter where they struggle for their lives. This applies not only to animals that are raised to be eaten, but also to animals that are kept to produce eggs or milk. There is nothing "humane" about keeping animals in cramped conditions, performing painful procedures such as branding, desexing or debeaking without an anesthetic and denying their natural behaviours, then subjecting them to slaughter.

Regardless of how they are kept or the method of slaughter, keeping animals in captivity or killing them for food is completely unjustifiable when it is not necessary for human health or survival. Now that humans know how to live as healthy herbivores the time has come for us to stop treating non-human animals as commodities and instead treat them with compassion and respect.


It's Healthier.

Contrary to popular mythology, there is absolutely no requirement for humans to eat meat and other animal products in order to be healthy.

In fact, many scientific studies have shown that a balanced plant-based diet can have many health benefits. These include less likelihood of common health problems such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, bowel cancer and more. Read more...

This is not surprising, given that natural plant foods are free of cholesterol, generally low in saturated fat and rich in fibre, antioxidants and other beneficial components. Foods derived from animals tend to be high in cholesterol and saturated fat are low in health-enhancing antioxidants and contain no fibre.

To ensure your herbivorous diet is healthy and gives you all the essential nutrients needed for good health, it's important to learn a little about nutrition and follow some simple guidelines. Read more...

Maybe it's time you went herbivorous?